About Me

    I am Tom Hall. My wife, Susan Haywood, and I started Comptur House Calls in 1984. Unfortunately, I lost Susan in 2020. Please forgive any loose "We's" on the website. I am still not used to being a One-Man Band. We were were married for nearly 40 years. I am Computer House Calls. I am the only employee. This is not because I don't want employees, but because the only way I can guarantee the strongest customer-oriented service is to deliver it personally. I also never figured out how to remove my brain and put it into someone else's head. It is, after all, a Human Intelligence business


    I began working for the public in 1968, and have been pursuing various customer service challenges ever since. I fell into computers in 1985, and it was soon obvious I had a knack for dealing the these strange new machines. Computer House Calls was founded in December 1994, as a way to bring in a little extra cash for the holidays. By March of 1996, I had more than 500 customers, and it looked like the right time to give up the safety net. It began as a seven days a week company, and I thought it had a ten year window to be the TV repairmen of the '90s. Luckily for us our time estimating was a little weak. On December 21, 2024, we will mark our 30th year.


    I saw a need for helping people with their computers on their schedule, in their space. I began working on PCs and Macs, and have moved on to add Apple IIs, PDAs, Palms, Blackberrys, iPods, iTouchs, iPhones, IPads,  Androids and other Smart Phones, Tablets. Mow that even includes Smart Home Devices, and  web connected devices like AppleTV, Blue-ray players, and Web-ready TVs, Alexa, and Google Home..

    I don’t run scared from a challenge, so if you need help with your tech devices, I am here to help. If you don't see your device on our list, just call and see what I can do to help.

    I want to help. Computer House Calls stands behind the service I provide, I will do my very best to resolve your computer frustrations. If you don’t think I have performed to YOUR standards, tell me, and let me try again. Unfortunately, not every challenge is won in the first round.

    All of our customers get free and unlimited telephone support. If you have a technology related question, don't hesitate to call. I don't support computers; I take care of people. No tech issue is too small. No computer question needs to go unanswered. Call me and let me help you. Here is our contact information:

You Can Contact Me

    By Phone: 704-549-4334
    This number is usually answered, but if not, it will be glad to take your message. Please be sure and leave both your name and number, as well as a short description of your problem. I will try to return your call within the day. I do not return phone calls after 9 pm, but you can call me.

    By Email: tom@chc-clt.com
    While you can give me a lot of information about your problem in an email, I only check it late in the evening. This means I may not be able to give you the most timely or clear response. Please include your phone number, so that I can call and discuss your message in real time. Please do not try to schedule appointments by email.

    By Text: 704-618-6719
    Please don't! While it may seem to be less intrusive, texts seem to come in while I am driving or otherwise distracted. That means I may not see it in a timely manner. It also means that we have to go back and forth to schedule a time for me to help you, One call usually does it all! We can discuss your problem and come up with a solution, up to and including an appointment.

    In An Emergency: 704-619-9643
    If you really need to talk to someone NOW, or if your problem has reached critical proportions, do not hesitate to call me on the cell phone at the number above. I try to use your Caller ID for quicker response.


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