Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are the those questions that many people ask. Here are some of those we have answered. I know that this is a short list, but I will add more as time goes on. If you need another question answered, or if you don't like this answer, call Tom at (704) 619-9643.

1. How much protection do I need for my computer.
A: The most important protection for your computer is its user. Your attention to what happens on your screen will result in less risk to you, your files, and your computer. At Computer House Calls, I recommend that all Windows PCs have a good antivirus program, but only one. Competing antivirus products can stop each other from protecting you from virus attacks. I also recommend having anti-malware software installed, but be careful again of using too much security.

2. My computer has stopped responding, the mouse doesn't move, and the keyboard won't type. What do I do now?
A: You don't have a choice. You will have to turn off the computer. Hold down the power switch and count to twenty. After you have restarted the computer, see if it behaves better. Call me if it doesn't improve.

3. My computer is behaving strangely. What should I do?
A. Your first and best bet is to restart your computer. Computer are much like people in that the more you make them work, and the fewer breaks you give them, the dumber they get. Restarting your computer is like a nap, it gives the machine a chance to reorder the memory in use, and to reallocate resources to your needs. Call Computer House Calls if your problem persists.

4. When do I need a new computer?
A. Obviously when yours is no longer repairable, or when it is no longer cost effective to do so. But for most people, the question is about doing things. You need a new computer, first, when you decide you want one. Second, when your computer cannot do something new that you want to do. In other words, it's not about the computer, it's about you. Call me if you need help in deciding what to buy.

5. When do I do with my old computer?
A. Goodwill wants it. They recycle used technology, by refurbishing what they can, breaking down what they cannot, and selling the scap responsibly. This ensures not only that the hazardous material in your computer does not just get tossed in a landfill, but also is used to help others. If you are not comfortable with Goodwill, your local solid waste facility, The Dump, may be able to dispose of it for you.

6. My computer is doing this, that, or the other thing. It's driving me crazy. Who should I call?
A. Our advice to all of our customers, family, and friends, is to Call Tom First! I will make every attempt to understand your problem, and to resolve it on the phone. If it is something that I can resolve in person, I will offer you an appointment. If it is outside of your control, I will help you to understand who to call, and what questions you will need to ask them. Tom's cell number is 704-619-9643. Do not hesitate to call.

All of our customers get free and unlimited telephone support. If you have a technology related question, don't hesitate to call. I don't support computers; I take care of people. No tech issue is too small. No computer question needs to go unanswered. Call me and let me help you.

Stupid Questions

The only stupid question is the one which goes unasked. If you don't ask your question, then you cannot get an answer. Never worry about the value of your question, let me help you with the answer.


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